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The current version is 1.1-1 (Fortran90) and 1.0-1 (FORTRAN77). Older versions are available in other directories.


16-JUN-1997: First production version, FORTRAN77.
18-JUN-1997: Fortran90 code trivially converted from 1.0-0.
2-MAR-2004: Change (less than 1 line of code) to fix bug in Zmax for WMTYPE 17.
2-MAR-2004: Change (less than 1 line of code) to fix bug in Zmax for WMTYPE 17.

What do the version numbers (and letters) mean?

A change in the number before the dot denotes a major change, such as additional (not necessarily mandatory) arguments to the subroutines. A change in the number immediately after the dot indicates a minor change. A change in the number after the dash indicates a bug fix. A letter after a version number indicates a change in the source code which should not affect the results, at least not within the accuracy of the code, such as changes in the comments in the code, changes to increase the speed of the code, better organization of the code etc.

You should definitely be using the latest bug-fix version of a given version of the code. For additional functionality, get the latest major or minor version, which should usually be plug-compatible with the previous version. You probably won't need the letter versions, but read the comments to make sure.

The two paragraphs above were written 21-DEC-2005. They are still true. However, on 2-JUN-2012 I can say the following: There will never be a major-version upgrade, since ANGSIZ will be integrated into another package which can calculate many more things. There will be one more minor-version upgrade, 1_2-0, which will be a reasonably nice free-form Fortran95 version. It will also contain all bug fixes mentioned above.

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