My Diplom ("master's") thesis

Beware: my thesis is in German!

Zusammenfassung und Ausblick

My Diplomarbeit looks at the possibility of using the statistics of redshifts of gravitational lenses to determine cosmological parameters. A one-year thesis was part of the German pre-Bologna Diplom degree (nominal time: five years of study). This was the first job-qualifying degree; the Vordiplom was a purely internal agree which was a requirement for continuing one's studies. It is sometimes regarded as the rough equivalent of a master's degree, but, especially concerning the length of the thesis (often resulting in publications), it was actually a bit more.

The links below point to three files containing the complete text, all figures and tables etc. They are listed in the correct order; and should be printed in portrait mode (`normally') while (which basically contains tables) should be printed in landscape mode.

As are most of my publications this is available in more than one form. First comes da_port1, in portrait format, then da_land, in landscape format, then da_port2, in portrait format. Back then, things were done in PostScript, hence the equivalent PDF files. However, I have concatenated those to da_gesamt.pdf.

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