The Cambridge Photographic Atlas of Galaxies


This is a translation of Bildatlas der Galaxien by Michael König & Stefan Binnewies. The book consists of general text (including some figures) and photographs of individual objects (with accompanying texts). The translation contains all of the general text, but the original contains more sections on individual objects. The level is more technical than a typical coffee-table book with pretty pictures, but less technical than a textbook.

Considering the large format (287×242×36mm and 297×232×18mm for the original and translation, respectively), number of pages (432 and 354), and high-quality images, both the original and the translation are very reasonably priced at ¤50.00 and £44.99.

Makes a great gift!

The first link below points to the book's web page at the publisher.

The Cambridge Photographic Atlas of Galaxies

Rave review in Sky & Telescope (scroll down about halfway)

Positive review by Callum Potter (President of the British Astronomical Association) in The Observatory, 138, 1267, 338–339 (December 2018)

Positive review at Astronomylog

Positive review by J. M. Cook at Choice

The Webb Deep-Sky Society thinks that it is a must have (scroll down a bit more than half the page).

It also appeared "on the bookshelf" in Nature: "…The book boasts spectacular images of galaxies together with descriptions and some related literature for the interested reader."

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