Biologie in der DDR


This is a book review of Biologie in der DDR: Beiträge zur 24. Jahrestagung der DGGTB in Greifswald 2015 edited by Michael Kaasch, Joachim Kaasch & Torsten K. D. Himmel. It has a rather unusual history. I was asked to review a book about Hans-Jürgen Träder. I agreed, but then was asked to combine it with the review of this book. The only point in common, apart from the fact that both have to do with books about science, was the former East Germany. I agreed and learned a lot from a well written book outside of my field. But then Isis moved from the Netherlands to the USA, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and I was asked to write two separate reviews after all, which explains the long gestation.

The link below points to one file containing the complete text, all figures and tables etc.

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