The m-z relation for type Ia supernovae, locally inhomogeneous cosmological models, and the nature of dark matter

Phillip Helbig

MNRAS, 451, 2, 2097–2107 (1 August 2015)

The m-z relation for type~Ia supernovae is one of the key pieces of evidence supporting the cosmological `concordance model' with lambda_0 approximately 0.7 and Omega_0 approximately 0.3. However, it is well known that the m-z relation depends not only on lambda_0 and Omega_0 (with H_0 as a scale factor) but also on the density of matter along the line of sight, which is not necessarily the same as the large-scale density. I investigate to what extent the measurement of lambda_0 and Omega_0 depends on this density when it is characterized by the parameter eta (0 <= eta <= 1), which describes the ratio of density along the line of sight to the overall density. I also discuss what constraints can be placed on eta, both with and without constraints on lambda_0 and Omega_0 in addition to those from the m-z relation for type Ia supernovae.

info and local links to full paper | free, full, official version | DOI: 10.1093/mnras/stv1074 | ADS: 2015MNRAS.451.2097H | arXiv:1505.02917 | Google Scholar
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