Review of Time Machine Tales by P. J. Nahin

Phillip Helbig

The Observatory, 137, 1261, 299–300 (December 2017)

This is a book review of Time Machine Tales: The Science Fiction Adventures and Philosophical Puzzles of Time Travel by Paul J. Nahin. The author is an emeritus professor of electrical engineering at the University of New Hampshire. Almost 20 other books from Oliver Heaviside to The Science of Radio to Inside Interesting Integrals give some idea of his interests. there is no debate about whether time travel can exist. The author assumes that General Relativity is correct, and GR permits time travel. The author has an encyclopedic knowledge of time travel as discussed by physicists, philosophers, and science-fiction writers. The extensive references also make it a good starting point for more detailed investigations, especially since few readers will be even roughly equally familiar with the physics, philosophy, and science-fiction literature concerning time travel, and few if any will have Nahin's command of even one of those areas, much less all three.

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