Constraining the value of the cosmological constant using JVAS/CLASS lensing statistics

D. R. Marlow, P. N. Wilkinson, Phillip Helbig & I. W. A. Browne

in Observational Cosmology with the New Radio Surveys (ADS: 1998ASSL..226.....B)
M. Bremer, N. Jackson & I. Péréz-Fournon (eds.)
Astrophysics and Space Science Library, Volume 226
Dordrecht: Kluver, pp. 339–340 (1998)
ISBN 0-7923-4885-0

The Jodrell Bank VLA Astrometric Survey (JVAS) and the Cosmic Lens All- Sky Survey (CLASS) aim to observe 10,000 flat spectrum radio sources. So far approximately 7,500 have been observed with the VLA and mapped with a resolution of 0.2 arcseconds. One of the main objectives of the surveys is to obtain reliable statistics on the frequency and properties of lens systems for cosmological studies---Hubble's constant may be derived from time delays between variations of lens images and the cosmological constant from lensing statistics.

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