Gravitational lensing statistics with extragalactic surveys. I. A lower limit on the cosmological constant

R. Quast & Phillip Helbig

A&A, 344, 3, 721–734 (April (III) 1999)

We reanalyse optical gravitational lens surveys from the literature in order to determine relative probabilities in the $\lambda_{0}$-$\Omega_{0}$ plane, using a softened singular isothermal sphere lens model. In addition, we examine a portion of the $\lambda_{0}$-$\Omega_{0}$ plane which includes all viable cosmological models; this is vital for comparison with other cosmological tests. The results are, within the errors, consistent with those of more specialised analyses, such as those concerning upper limits on $\lambda_{0}$ in a flat universe. We note that gravitational lensing statistics can provide a quite robust \emph{lower} limit on the cosmological constant as well, which could prove important in confirming current claims of a positive cosmological constant. At 95\% confidence, our lower and upper limits on $\lambda_{0}-\Omega_{0}$, using lens statistics information alone, are respectively $-3.17$ and $0.3$. For a flat universe, these correspond to lower and upper limits on $\lambda_{0}$ of respectively $-1.09$ and $0.65$.

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