Predicted lens redshifts and magnitudes for gravitational lenses

Phillip Helbig

in Astrophysical applications of gravitational lensing: proceedings of the 173rd Symposium of the International Astronomical Union; held in Melbourne; Australia; 9–14 July; 1995 (ADS: 1996IAUS..173.....K)
C. S. Kochanek & J. Hewitt (eds.)
Dordrecht: Kluver, pp. 21–22 (1996)
ISBN 978-94-009-0221-3

For suitable gravitational lenses with unknown lens redshifts, the redshifts and brightnesses (in different colours) of the lenses are predicted for a variety of cosmological models, for both elliptical and spiral galaxy lenses. Besides providing hints as to which systems should be observed with a realistic chance of measuring the lens redshifts, which are needed for detailed lensing statistics and for modelling the lenses, these calculations give a visual impression of the influence of the cosmological model in gravitational lensing.

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