Review of Galaxy: Mapping the Cosmos by James Geach

Phillip Helbig

The Observatory, 137, 1258, 140–141 (June 2017)

This is a book review of Galaxy: Mapping the Cosmo by James Geach. The subtitle Mapping the Cosmos indicates one of the aims of the book, namely to provide an overview of how galaxies are distributed in the cosmos. Something of a cross between a typical popular-science book and a (small) coffee-table book, the book is more like a long essay on a general theme, covering various related topics, many of which are visited more than once from different points of view. The book provides a good balance between pretty pictures and (non-mathematical) descriptions of the physics behind them, especially of galaxy evolution (not just in the chapter concentrating on this). I recommend it to those looking for a modern introduction to observational extragalactic astronomy.

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