Review of Post-Planck Cosmology edited by Cedric Deffayet et al.

Phillip Helbig

The Observatory, 135, 1248, 302–303 (October 2015)

This is a book review of Post-Planck Cosmology edited by Cedric Deffayet. These are the proceedings of the 100th Les Houches summer school. Seven chapters could be described as "a lot of theory" and five as "somewhat less theory"; the five chapters in which observations play a substantial role also include information on numerical simulations, semi-analytic models, and so on. All in all, the topics are those which would be covered at a typical modern cosmology conference, though of course the Les Houches lectures, lasting almost a month, provide much more detail. About half of the chapters are typical reviews; the two longest (by Francis Bernardeau on "The Planck mission" and Andrei Linde on "Inflationary cosmology after Planck") are both thorough and readable. The shorter reviews provide good potted introductions to their topics, and the fact that most chapters have very many references (Burgess's has nine pages of references for a text just four times as long) make this book useful for someone wanting to learn about a topic in depth. Much additional information is available in the online version of the proceedings. I recommend the book for those who want a detailed overview of current topics in cosmology.

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