Review of Physics: The Ultimate Adventure by R. Barrett, P. P. Delsanto & A. Tartaglia

Phillip Helbig

The Observatory, 137, 1258, 144–145 (June 2017)

This is a book review of Physics: The Ultimate Adventure, by R. Barrett, P. P. Delsanto & A. Tartaglia. This is an ambitious book which provides a general introduction to most of physics (though concentrating on pure, rather than applied) and some astronomy (in a single chapter on cosmology which, however, is the longest chapter in the book). Remarkably, it mostly succeeds. Written for non-physicists, it provides a good overview of almost the entire field and is surprisingly well balanced, with all topics described at about the same level. The target audience are presumably readers who want a good and balanced introduction to physics; the book might lead some to pursue some or all of the topics in more detail, but is also useful for those for whom this will be the only book on physics they read.

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