Review of Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology: An Introduction, 2nd Edition by Peter Schneider

Phillip Helbig

The Observatory, 136, 1251, 98–100 (April 2016)

This is a book review of Extragalactic Astrononomy and Cosmology by Peter Schneider. The number and size of pages definitely qualifies this book as a massive tome. It is the second edition, the first (a translation from the German original) having appeared in 2006. That a new and expanded edition is needed after less than a decade indicates the rapid progress in the fields covered. The book grew out of lectures by the author (who is known primarily for his work in gravitational lensing) at the University of Bonn. Topics covered (one chapter unless otherwise indicated) are the Milky Way, galaxies in general, cosmology (three chapters), AGNs, clusters and groups of galaxies, the universe at high redshift, and galaxy evolution. I recommend the book both to students and to those who work in fields other than those covered by the book but need a detailed introduction. It is up to date, quite detailed for an introduction, and the numerous figures with references are particurly useful as jumping-off points to the original literature.

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