Phillip Helbig

[big picture of Phillip Helbig]

Even though I'm wearing the same sleeveless sweater, the picture above picture was taken about 9 years after the one below (1993 and 2002).

[small picture of Phillip Helbig]

Alas, sic transit gloria mundi. And then one day you find ten years have got behind you. Time for some more recent photos, from December 2013. Otherwise, folks might not recognize me anymore. The beard is becoming grey, though some of the original red is left. After two periods of chemotherapy, my hair became so thin (although not very visible from the angle of the shots) that it is better to wear it short than long. It has also lost almost all of the original dark red colour. Maybe I can add a picture each year to document the effects of the second law of thermodynamics. (And when I have time, also put up some old ones.)

current passport photo (end of 2015)

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