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[picture of Phillip Helbig] Welcome to Phillip Helbig's home page [picture of Phillip Helbig, child, and Tycho Brahe]

Hopefully the pictures will aid folks trying to recognize me, then or now.
To get the most out of my pages, please see the user's guide to my web pages, which gives an overview of the structure of my pages and my reasons for constructing them this way. Perhaps you only want to know what's new.

I am in the process of updating my web pages. Within the next few weeks, things might change more often than normally, might be inconsistent etc. So check back soon. Please note that, although it is neither a necessary nor a sufficient condition, if a page was last modified a considerable time ago, it might be out of date, especially if it is concerned with something which can change with time.

Feel free to contact me...

I used to have a lot of contact information here. As always, of course, the best way to contact me is by email. Other relevant contact information will appear here when appropriate.

I am now working at the stock exchange. I get to work with VMS at the stock exchange, which is what attracted me to the position.

Sending me email

Here are my pages' basic divisions:

Other stuff

Since December 1997, I have been one of the moderators of the sci.physics.research newsgroup; since April 2016 , I have been one of the moderators of sci.astro.research.

Feel free to send me comments or questions about my web pages or anything else by email to helbig@astro.mNuOlStPiAvMa!x.de.

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