User's guide to Phillip Helbig's web pages

The web isn't organised hierarchically, which is one of its advantages. However, if you're interested in my web pages, it's nice to know which links are links to my own stuff and which are links to documents which I don't own, if only to avoid seeing stuff you might have seen before and/or which I don't own, especially if you're visiting my pages for the first time.

For this reason, if there is a list of links near the bottom of one of my .html documents, they are (unless otherwise explicitly stated) links to more of my own stuff `lower down' in a hierarchical sense. If there is no such list, then you're at the bottom. (The bottom document may or may not be an .html-document.) All of my documents are in one of these lists. (Sometimes, there's a list with just one item, which is a link to a directory, and indicated as such. This is just for convenience, since it provides the same information as a list, and is automatically up-to-date.)

At the very bottom, in italics, is another list. These are links to the pages above the current page. As such, the number of items in this list indicates the depth of the current page.

So, if you want to systematically check out what my web pages have to offer, you can simply follow the link lists at the bottom of each document until you get to the bottom, go back up to a higher branch and repeat the process etc.

Outside these lists, that is, in running texts, in lists before the last list, or when otherwise stated, the links may or may not be to my own documents and may or may not be organised in some hierarchical structure.

If you don't want to waste time surfing, the what's new page contains a running list of changes I've made to my pages, with the newer changes at the top and the older at the bottom. This doesn't include cosmetic and/or minor changes, but only major changes relating to content. (The date at the bottom of each page, however, is (also) updated on cosmetic and/or minor changes.) The lists here, of course, are the only exception to the general rule, since they repeat links found in other lists.

Of course, my pages have been optimised for LYNX which, to paraphrase Chancellor Kohl, will make them worse for none and better for many. If you're interested in conserving our precious bandwidth, check out the Bandwidth Conservation Society.

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