A common question is `what is the best random number generator?' or `why hasn't anyone bothered to do this correctly, once, since random number generators are needed so often?' Around the time I was asking myself that question, I stumbled across a DESY preprint in the library describing such a beast and contacted the author, Martin Lüscher, who referred me to his colleague, Fred James, who had written the code. Fred gave me permission to redistribute RANLUX with proper credit, as I have done many times via newsgroups and email. Here is the FORTRAN77 code, ready to compile, including a bug fix by me which, however, had already been corrected (and published) by Fred in an updated version of the generator: RANLUX.FOR. In the unlikely event that there is someone running VMS on a VAX without a Fortran compiler, here's RANLUX.OBJ. Finally, the original email from Fred James, containing some comments at the beginning, not containing the bug fix mentioned above and containing (commented out and immediately before the END statement) a test programme and the results it should produce: RANLUX.TXT

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