Sending me email

I used to have a lot of email addresses here, valid ones as well as some which are no longer valid (but might be of historical interest). Since spam has increased so much recently, even though paying for the extra traffic is no longer an issue, the volume of spam is, so I will no longer post a clear-text email address on the web or usenet.

To email me, use the address helbig@astro.mNuOlStPiAvMa! but of course remove the obvious bit in order to turn it in to a valid address.

Apparently, email harvesters don't apply such relatively easy changes to turn munged addresses into valid ones. Perhaps they harvest enough as it is and/or realise that people who munge their email addresses will never react positively (from the spammer's point of view) to spam anyway. Nevertheless, I've avoided having an "obvious" munges such as NOSPAM which can be removed automatically.

It's better to munge the domain-name part and not the user-name part since in the latter case the spam will still get as far as the machine which handles email for your domain, while in the former case it won't get further than a machine which shouldn't be sending it in the first case.

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